About Rhinestone Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry by meg’s my label

In the late 1800s, individuals encountered the Rhine Stream was filled with quartz pebbles in great sparkle colors and it was referred to as Rhinestones. Today, a sort of replica glass rhinestones replaced the lovely stones which is progressively depleted and on longer reserves in the Rhine River. These pretty imitation glass rhinestones are likewise called as sea-glass and are popular among the accessories musicians.

The label Swarovski, one of the well-known and successful tales of Austrian was glittering the world of rhinestone costume jewelry. It was happened in the year of 1891; Mr. Swarovski created a new glass reducing machine that could chop and facet glass and lastly revolutionized the world of precious jewelry. He then started making rhinestones with a higher premier content that produced faceted stones with high reflections. Further much more new vacuum plating with silver and gold for the spines of the rocks was developeded. Swarovski jewelry makes use of only the best rhinestones and the beads are made use of by greater than 85 % of American jewelry business. read more