Costume Jewelry: Collecting For Profit

Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry: Collecting For Profit

The first-time costume jewelry appeared inside the United States was after World War I. Purchased inside tiny French boutiques by soldiers going to return within the war, the inexpensive however dazzling fashion jewelry was an immediate hit with all the females back house. As new designs featuring a host of new semi-precious stones plus specific contents were introduced, it caused a fast rise inside recognition. These bright plus vibrant pieces became ubiquitous fashion accessories throughout the roaring twenties with American businesses ruling the land. Many quite prevalent American producers of costume jewelry include:


An Antique costume part is any part of jewelry which refuses to prominently feature valuable metals (though several feature silver plus can be gold plated) or gemstones whilst additionally being mass yielded. The inexpensive jewelry might be bought for a fraction of what the fine pieces expense. Essentially, the fashion pieces became the “cheap” alternative to similarly tailored fine pieces made from out valuable metals plus showing valuable gemstones like sapphires or rubies.

Any classic costume bracelet, necklace, or pendant might be bought for -10 inside many instances before World War II. Poor sales as well as the Great Depression forced several producers to close their doorways. Surprisingly, though, a great deal of the businesses survived plus did very perfectly following the 2nd planet war.

All-time record sales were enjoyed all throughout the 50’s-60’s thanks inside no little piece to advertising advances like tv. Today, top quality costume pieces are more common than ever plus create good present for young females, teenagers, plus even adults simply seeking to add several variety to their jewelry collection.

Despite costing reasonably small whenever initially established, classic fashion jewelry produced inside the years 1920-1970 possibly are value countless occasions their initial value. Incredibly, there are numerous pieces being available inside flea markets for a some bucks whilst being value hundreds! There are 3 leading points which enable determine the worth of classic costume jewelry:

Available Supply
Material Quality

Indeed, there were many of firms contending inside this huge marketplace even so they produced jewelry inside differing quantities. There were the greater businesses like Coventry plus Coro that very frequently produced thousands of pieces inside every shape. However, we moreover had producers like McClelland plus Barclays whom produced much small volumes. Accordingly plus whenever all additional factors are held continual, these pieces created by them both rarer more prized by collectors. Doing the homework is significant considering even the big players produced certain designs inside little quantities generating them more useful than typical pieces within the firm.

Without query, stone standard is a big varying with regards to assessing the worth of the part of classic jewelry. While none of the stones will be considered “precious” inside the conventional sense, there were firms which produced pieces utilizing superior standard semi-precious stones plus gemstones, these as:


Eisenberg is well-known for utilizing exceptional stones thus acquiring a part which is not absolutely high-priced is especially difficult. But, it really is nonetheless potential to obtain an inexpensive yet useful an unsigned 1. Focus the efforts about finding pieces by Weiss, Bogoff, plus Hollycraft because they are somewhat undervalued available and therefore create a greater investment.

Other than the stones plus contents, the standard of metal plus craftsmanship might element into the worth of the part. Manufacturers acknowledged to consistently craft superior pieces were:


Should you develop a sharp eye plus absolutely understand how to find the unsigned classic pieces by top producers like Eisenberg, you are able to absolutely turn a significant profit only by browsing e-Bay plus flea markets. In many cases, the providers don’t understand the worth of the part along with a buyer may have it for pennies found on the dollar.

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